Contracts, regulations and other documents

Necessary when using services

Documents are placed in Размещено на Google Drive Google Docs and them can be exported to DOCX or PDF (Menu "File" - "Download as ...")

Why do I need a contract?

Contract is an agreement between two parties (individuals and / or legal entities) about establishment of rights and duties. Contract establishes rules, conditions and procedure for supply of services, responsibilities of the parties.

Contract and the attached documents represent the formal aspects of providing services. Client can use services with using a formal contract or public contract (for second option there is no need to make a paper form).

Why do we need regulations?

Regulations formally describe a range of rules that regulate a procedure for supply of services. Regulations can include: the procedure for registering a new client and its further maintenance, the list of prohibited acts, the rights and responsibility of company and client, copyright and other items.

Clients can always get acquainted with the procedures of providing services and to determine the limitations of services, their full specifications, liability for any action and others.